About Us

Who we really are

Who Are We?

We are new company set up to aid the people in Saudi Arabia prominently Eritrean nationals who would love to send some parcels back to their families, friends and loved ones. We noticed there was a huge challenge to personally ship items back home. Most people would not know on the right procedures and prerequisites needed thus ended up in frustration. However we are here to close that gap and ensure that your parcels are shipped out in the most convenient and simplest way possible. Just let us know what you require to be shipped and we will handle the hard part.  

Our Mission

Our core mission is to make sure you have the most effortless shipping experience at your fingertips. Our services are there to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Our Vision

In the near future we envision to expand our services to a global scale starting with countries like Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Sudan.

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